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Scandinavia's greatest assortment av hubs!

Volanti Luisi probably has Europe's greatest assortment of hubs for steering wheels! As all the hubs have double bolt patterns, other brands like Nardi, Personal, Momo, Sparco,Raid and others can be fitted as well.

We also have adapters to the hubs to install 9-bolted Motolita, 5-bolted Victor and 7-bolted OBA steering wheels.

The hubs are divided into three categories:

Standard hubs...
are hubs for cars without airbags: The car has never been equipped with an airbag from the factory.

Safety hubs...
are the same as standard hubs, the only difference is that these are equipped with a collapsable zone.

Airbag hubs...
these are designed for cars that have, or have had airbags installed in the original steering wheel. An airbag resistor is supplied with all the airbag hubs.

NOTE! You can not move the air bag to the Luisi/Nardi/Personal steering wheel!

>> List of hubs

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