7 - 14 dagar Extenders Service Ramp M

If your car has especially low ground clearance then RaceRampExtenders can be used to reduce the approach angle to as little as 6.8 degrees when using other RaceRamp products. So you will never have to worry about damaging the front end of your vehicle again.
In conjunction with our maintenance ramps these products make getting under your low car for maintenance work simple, safe and hassle free.
Once your car's in place, you can slide the Extenders out to get a bit more extra working room.
(Note that the XTenders are only to be used with the Service Ramps Medium and Large ramps, not trailer and lift ramps.)

Each purchase consists of a pair of ramps.

Service Ramp Extenders Product code Angle Weight Centimetres
  (kg)/pce Length   Width  
Extenders for Service Ramp Medium DX-SR-M-EX 11° 2,7 114   30  
Extenders for Service Ramp Large DX-SR-L-EX 11° 2,7 114   36  

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Extenders Service Ramp M

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