7 - 14 dagar Flatstoppers 4pcs

When vehicles are unmoved for a couple of weeks the tyres can begin to flat-spot. Race Ramps FlatStoppers prevent this by allowing the tyre to settle in a concave depression, supporting more of the tyre. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly helping to prevent any flat spotting. 
Flatstoppers are made with a patented super-lightweight 100% solid construction material which makes them highly durable, virtually indestructible, and enables them to hold up to 2.7 tonnes.

Each purchase contains four individual pads to service a whole car.

Product Product code Weight (set) Centimetres (pce) 
kg Length   Width   Height  
Flatstopper DX-FS-M 5,6 57 25 3
Flatstopper DX-FS-L 5,6 57 35 3

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Flatstoppers 4pcs

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