Jack Assist S

RaceRamps Jack Assists allow you to lift up your low clearance car just enough so you can use a standard jack without the risk of damaging your car.
Being maximum 86cm long, you can even fit them in the boot of a sports car.
The 'small' version is also available with a stopper which prevents the driver from driving on it too far.

Each purchase consists of a pair of ramps.

Jack Assists Product code Weight  Centimetres Angle
(kg) Length Width Height
Jack Assist Small DX-JA-S 1,6 76 30 8 7.8°
Jack Assist Small with stopper DX-JA-S-ST 1,6 76 30 8 7.8°
Jack Assist Medium DX-JA-M 2,0 86 36 10 12°
Jack Assist Large DX-JA-L 3,4 83 36 8 11°

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Jack Assist S

  • 1 550kr
  • Exkl moms: 1 240kr

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