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Portable Pitstop Racer Model

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Portable Pitstop Racer Model

The RaceRamps Portable Pitstop Ramp is a quick, simple and hassle free way of raising an entire vehicle of the ground for show purposes, maintenance or detailing. Ideal for motorsport when under car checks need to be carried out in a hurry or even at home for maintenance work.

Simply lay the multi-purpose ramp down and drive the vehicle into place. The blocks come apart to make rolling under the car easy and leaving a great amount of room for manoeuvrability. With this product there is no more need to use cumbersome jacks to lift corners of the car. Safety is paramount during any vehicle maintenance and the RaceRamps vehicle lift system eliminates the need for unstable jack stands and potential accidental damage to your vehicle.

This vehicle lift system can go anywhere and is easily stowed when not in use. No one-piece ramp on the market today is as portable as the multi-purpose ramp by RaceRamps. The disassembly of the ramps breaks them down into individual pieces that weigh no more than 18kg a piece. The pieces are small enough to fit in the boot or back seat of most cars. 1 side of the Portable pitstop has a total weight of approximately 50 kgs. Each side of the ramp weighs a total of 80kg and has an angle of 10 degrees and raises the vehicle more than 35cm high.

The car platform is able to accommodate a wheel base from 2.5m to 2.8m wide. There are two models of the portable pit stop, a standard model and a racer model.
The racer model has removable cut outs large enough to fit a scale that is 38cm wide and 6cm tall.
When not in use the pit stop ramp can be stacked in a 1.65m high space for storage. It accomodates wheel bases from 2m30 up to 2m90. 

Pitstop Ramps Product code Centimetres Angle
Length Width Height
Portable Pitstop Ramp DX-PPS 2m30-2m90 35 40 10°
Portable Pitstop Ramp Racer Model DX-PPS-R 2m30-2m90 35 40 10°
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  • Tillgänglighet: I lager
  • Artikelnummer: DX-PPS-R
  • Vikt: 50.00kg
45 283kr
Exkl moms: 36 227kr
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