7 - 14 dagar Trailer Step S 1st

RaceRampsSteps are ideal for reaching the top of trailers or tow vehicles when washing and detailing and also serves as a good bench when servicing your car on Show Stands or other RaceRamps.
It has a non-slip coating on all sides, is extremely lightweight, and has a strap on each side for easy carrying or for hanging it on the wall during transit. It also fits in the step well of most trailers.

Each purchase includes a single step.

Steps Product 
Weight Centimetres
(kg) Length Width Height
Trailer Step Small DX-STEP-S 5,9 61 41 28
Trailer Step Medium DX-STEP-M 5,4 76 29 20
Trailer Step Large DX-STEP-L 5,4 90 29 20

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Trailer Step S 1st

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