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Action Cams

Action Cams
Model: LMXX101 Brand: Lamax Electronics
LAMAX X10.1 Capture your life in the highest quality Do you know yet where you’ll take your action camera? Whether it's a trip around the world or a weekend outing with a friend, thanks to the LAMAX X10.1, you'll bring back the sharpest memories of both. Do you want to capture every detail? Tu..
Ex Tax:1,996kr
Model: LMXX91 Brand: Lamax Electronics
LAMAX X9.1 Fun in every pixel Show the world your lifestyle in 4K. No matter whether you're just starting out with making action videos or if you already have a popular online channel. With the LAMAX X9.1 you get everything you need to shoot video right out of the box, including a ton of usefu..
Ex Tax:1,516kr
Model: LMXX71 Brand: Lamax Electronics
LAMAX X7.1 Naos Action Cam Native 2.7K video at 30fps, integrated 2" LCD display, wristband remote, 4K time-lapse video, slow-motion video without post-production, Wi-Fi and mobile app, up to 16MP photos, photo burst, 170° angle of view, complete set of accessories in the basic pack, waterproof u..
Ex Tax:756kr
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