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Trailer Jack 1st

Trailer Jack 1st
Trailer Jack 1st
Trailer Jack 1st
Trailer Jack 1st
Trailer Jack 1st
  • Stock: 7 - 14 days
  • Model: DX-TR-JA
  • Weight: 3.70kg
Ex Tax: 1,319kr
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Trailer Jacks can be used in two main ways; firstly to fit in front of a trailer's wheel wells to provide a tapered protective guide between the vehicle wheel and the steel trailer wheel wells. Using a 90cm tall marker flag (included) as an indicator a driver can better place the vehicle onto the trailer.
They can also assist with changing a tyre on 2-3 axle trailers by providing a ramp to drive the good tyre on to and raise the tyre in need of a change of the floor. Thereby making tyre removal and replacement much easier. Testing has shown that Trailer Jacks won't sink into soft ground, and remain secure on sand or gravel.
Trailer Jacks will support 3.6tonnes, and yet weigh less than 4kg each. Additionally, they are easy to clean and won't rust like steel or wood alternatives.

Trailer Jack prices are per piece 

Trailer Jack Product
Weight Centimetres Angle
(kg)/pce Length Width Height
Trailer Jack DX-TR-JA 3,65 79 36 19 13°

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